Alma B Children's Educational Wall Art

Creative and Educational Childrens Wall Art

Hi! I’m Rebecca.

I’m a Brisbane-based illustrator who is passionate about creating imaginative and educational artwork for children's walls, at a quality that adults love to have on display. 

I'm also a mum to two adventurous and inspiring boys, and wife to Luke; DIY guru, word-smith and all-round helper.

why nursery wall art?

My background is in graphic design, and my label, Alma B, was formed as a creative outlet in 2006 while working in corporate graphic design. I’ve had a few career twists and turns since then, but it wasn’t until I had my first son that my passion for children’s illustration and nursery art began. I loved seeing him inspired and full of fun while creating something or learning something new, so I saw an opportunity to decorate his walls in a way that inspired this. 

Think of the amount of time a child looks at the walls of their bedroom
- what is on their walls can really inspire and shape the people they will become.

The Alma B range offers bright, bold colours, imaginative scenes, lots of fun and lots of learning about the natural world. Here you will find wall art that is beautiful enough for a nursery, interesting enough for a school-aged child, and at a quality that can last the years. 

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A little note about the name, Alma B...

Lots of people ask me about it, and it's a very short story, so I decided to include it in my website!

Alma is my middle name, so when I wanted a creative outlet outside of my professional career, Alma just made sense. These days, Alma B is blending more and more with my professional life, but the name has stuck. So there you have it; the label is Alma B, the illustrator is Rebecca Holland.