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FAQ: What medium do I use to illustrate?

illustrationRebecca HollandComment

I thought I would start a section here on the blog to answer any questions people have about my work, and also to show a glimpse into my processes and tools.

The question I get asked the absolute most is what medium I use to complete my illustrations. It usually surprises people to hear that I work in digital mediums, and most people are unclear on what exactly this means, and also why I choose to work this way. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to include this in my website.

My tools that I can't live without for illustration are my Wacom tablet, and my computer. My software of choice is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. With these tools, I can paint digitally using my hand, exactly as if I was using a brush. I use different paintbrushes, usually 'acrylic' brushes and pens, and I use my tablet and pen to paint and create any textures you see in my work. Everything you see has been drawn by me, and all colours, washes and textures have been created by me.

This process is actually quite laborious, but I like working on the computer - I like the detail I can get, and I like the lack of mess! With 2 young kids at home, it really helps that I can sit down and start 'painting' straight away, and just get up and leave straight away - no preparation and no clean up! And 'undo' is always a handy feature too!

I have a few more posts planned on my behind the scenes processes, so I'll be back soon with another one. If anyone has any questions, please be in touch, I'd be happy to answer any questions.


My Wacom Tablet

My Wacom Tablet

Working at my desk

Working at my desk



The Alphabet Chart - A Story Sampler

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

My Alphabet Chart is now available in my shop, however the stories are still in progress.

I'm happy to announce we are in development to include the story book with every purchase of the Alphabet Poster / runner (also coming soon). So if you order the poster before the book is released, I will send you the book when it's ready.

In the meantime, I have a little sample of a few of the stories we have. The stories are intended to be a fun addition to the chart, something to start the conversation around what each letter means and what details are in each illustration.

I'll be letting everyone know when the book is ready, as well as the runner.


Astronaut Adventurer Arnold Ace,
Flew to an Apple in outer space.
He attached his ‘A’ flag nice and firmly,
Leave soon Arnold Ace, before you meet wormy.

Douglas daydreamed of dangerous dinosaurs,
They dance defiantly in large clouds outdoors.
Dad says they descend to make rain,
But when dusk comes they disappear again

A helicopter is needed to get to Hilltop Avenue.
Lower households envy the high mountain view.
They need not, at the height of the hill highways,
The Hill-top houses can only see cloudy haze.

Every summer jellyfish journey to the jetty.
The Johnson boys lie in the sun getting sweaty.
They point, joke and look down their chin.   
The jellyfish jostle, and wait for one to jump in.

Kids fly kites on a breath-taking days.
Kangaroo hops, the key turns and the koi plays.
Knots have to be avoided,
Space needs to be appointed,
But kind-hearted fun is enjoyed always.


Alphabet Chart - Coming soon

illustrationRebecca HollandComment

Those who have been following my journey know that I have been working on an Alphabet Chart for children's walls for quite some time now. I'm so happy to say it is almost here (as in, so almost here! days away!).

I have just popped into this space to fill you in on a few of the details.

The chart will be available as an A2 (420 x 594 mm - extra large) semi-gloss, thick card poster, as well as a full-length matte wall runner (almost 4m long!) (the Poster will come first, the runner is probably over a week away). The Poster will be retailing at $65 and the runner will be $89 (also free shipping). Subscribe to my mailing list (look below for sign-up box) to get a special introductory discount.

Free Easter Printable - Get Crafty & Make Egg People

Alma B PrintablesRebecca HollandComment
Create your own egg people as a fun Easter activity.

Create your own egg people as a fun Easter activity.

I love it when I get time to get crafty with the kids. Since baby #2 has come along, I haven't had much time for it, but we're at the stage now where I have a bit of energy for craft and nature activities again, and I thought I would celebrate this as well as Easter and present a free printable project for you!

For this one, all you need is a few eggs with faces on them - this is a fun project in itself. Then I've designed some 'bodies' and accessories for you to print off, cut out and assemble. Place the eggs on top and you have some very fashionable Easter Egg people.

There are 2 versions available (in the one download) depending on how involved you want to get, and the age of your children. One version is all coloured by me, and is simply available to cut and assemble. The other version is available as a colouring in sheet so that you can customise as much as you like! The bodies and the hats require glue or sticky tape - you should be able to see the grey tabs where this happens.

Everything you will need.

Everything you will need.

Download the sheets here!

I hope you enjoy them! I know we did - if you need any help, don't hesitate to get in touch, and if you do make something with them, let me know! I'd love to see your creations - Tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can have a look!


Story Time: 'At The End of The Day' - A Poem

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

I thought I would return to this space on a Friday, with a new story.

Luke has been busy writing a few new stories about new illustrations I've been doing, and I am excited to start sharing them with you soon, but today I am actually sharing a story based on my oldest digital illustration. This one was the start of the Alma B label as it is today, and it's called 'At The End of The Day'. Luke has approached this one as a poem, to complement its meditative feel.

We hope you enjoy it! We'll be back with another story very soon.


At The End of The Day

At the end of the day, when all jobs are done,
Having toiled hard, fought, and won.
You might find yourself out by the tree,
At that special time between darkness and sun.

Worn with adrenaline, slumped, will crash soon.
The feeling of wind, blows the hair, sings a tune.
Stars blur with firebugs, glitter and shine.
And something sparks inside, accomplishments bloom.

At the end of a day, by the tree, there is peace.
Time to settle, relax, tomorrow jobs increase.
The day contemplate, contrast night rejuvenate.
Close your eyes, rest, dream, let go, cease.