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Welcome to the brand new Alma B blog. A place that will soon start filling up with creativity, illustration, colour and fun.

Alma B has spent the last year (or two!) in transformation.

This blog is part of the relaunch of a brand new line of digital products. Starting with the central piece of wedding stationery suites, soon to be followed by birthday invitations, correspondence stationery, birth announcements, wrapping paper and more - all in a customisable, digital format.

I'm so excited about the new product lines coming, which you will be able to purchase right here, or through Etsy.

I am also opening up this blog space to be a collection of free, downloadable projects and templates, all designed by me, for you! In amongst the blog schedule, I am committing to a regular dose of designed fun with the purpose of promoting creativity and play within families (check out my about page to read more) - so stay tuned to see how this evolves.

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Again, welcome! 

Part of the Alma B DIY Digital wedding suites

Part of the Alma B DIY Digital wedding suites