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A lack of plans for 2015

KidsRebecca HollandComment
That face: the reason for my lack of work this year.

That face: the reason for my lack of work this year.

It has taken me a lot longer than I thought to get back to this space for 2015. Part of it was trying to get all my freelance jobs wrapped up before our new addition, little Alexander, and part of it is listening to my body telling me to slow down and savor this time.

Right from the end of last year I have told myself this year will be one of no commitments, no pressure, a year of going with the flow and embracing what makes me happy, whatever that may be day-to-day. 

We welcomed Alexander in to our lives in late March, and since then things have been very busy, but very joyful too (at times). So for the moment I am taking everything day by day. I have a lot of ideas forming in my head, and I am noting them down to continue with when my life gets back to routine and I am allowed some creative time. 

I'll be back occasionally to show latest work and announce any news but for now, I'm having a little time out and creative thinking time. Thanks for your patience!