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Alma B Story Time - At the end of the day...

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Today marks another first of a regular blog feature - Story Time!

My husband, Luke, and I are collaborating once a week to combine my illustration, with his story ideas (and writing ability) to help bring the images to life.

I have always enjoyed putting stories to my images, and people have always responded well to it, so I always wanted to make it a regular thing.

This story is actually a very old one (a new collection is being written as we speak) but it relates to what is still my most popular illustration, despite being completed years ago, so I thought it was fitting to start here. It is a short, simple story, but one that feels close to my heart.

At The End of The Day:


Alba loves traipsing across the country, she is an adventurer at heart.
She has seen so many places, and done so many things, but at the end of each day, she loves to find a quiet place, and watch the sun go down. A ritual she has kept since she was young, it keeps her grounded and at home within nature.
Each sunset is so different, but each one just as beautiful.
This tree seemed like the perfect place to rest at the end of this long day.