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Free Printable Thursday! 'Hello'

Alma B PrintablesRebecca HollandComment

I am very (very!) pleased to say we now have a healthy household restored this week, so it is back to business as usual around here.

I have been very busy creating a core range of DIY Birthday invitations to add to the wedding invitations in my stationery range, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for those. They will probably be first available over on my Etsy store (sadly, the e-commerce function on this site is unavailable to Australians for now) but of course, photos and pictures will be seen here first.

With all that going on, I just have a small note card to offer today. I have been experimenting with hand-drawn type, which is an area that interests me, but I am just beginning! I have also been experimenting with chalk board backgrounds, which combine my love of shading with a strong base colour, and provide the perfect background for my type experiments. These two interests have combined into this 'hello' note card printable.

Download, create and pass some love around!