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Feeling Renewed: Noosa Getaway recap

Rebecca HollandComment

We recently took a holiday to Noosa, in QLD. Noosa Main Beach is probably our favourite beach, slightly sheltered and bordered by the gorgeous National Park.

It was a much needed getaway, and it was so good to relax, spend quality time with James with no other commitments getting in the way and gather new inspiration for my work.


We were actually up there for a wedding, so it was a good excuse, sometimes we need something to force us to take a holiday, and we had the added bonus of catching up with friends from out of town that we hadn't seen in ages.

It was interesting how relaxed and happy James seemed as soon as Luke and I slowed down a bit. He absolutely loves the beach, so he was in little boys' heaven with going to the beach, bush walking and eating being the sole commitments for each day.

All in all, we are both feeling refreshed and ready for the new year now - well worth it.

The main street had Christmas lights set up

The main street had Christmas lights set up