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Reading, I've missed you!

Rebecca HollandComment

I used to read a lot. I devoured classics and modern fiction, wanting to get to know every author and every good story. Then, suddenly I stopped. I read magazines, listened to the odd audio book, and read a bit of non-fiction if I was interested, but I pretty much stopped reading fiction.

Recently I have picked it back up, deliberately setting aside time for it (less tv, more reading!) It is hard with a toddler in my life, and it does make for some very late nights, but I am really enjoying it.

At the moment I'm reading 'The Good Luck of Right Now' by Matthew Quick which is really different from anything I've read before, but very easy and enjoyable to read also. I had high expectations, being obsessed as I am with 'The Silver Linings Playbook', but so far, I love it. I found out one of my favourite blogs, 'A Beautiful Mess' is also featuring it this month in their book club, so if you'd like people from all over the world to discuss it with when you're finished, get reading!

I'm so grateful for the times I get to myself to read!