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Story Time: 'At The End of The Day' - A Poem

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

I thought I would return to this space on a Friday, with a new story.

Luke has been busy writing a few new stories about new illustrations I've been doing, and I am excited to start sharing them with you soon, but today I am actually sharing a story based on my oldest digital illustration. This one was the start of the Alma B label as it is today, and it's called 'At The End of The Day'. Luke has approached this one as a poem, to complement its meditative feel.

We hope you enjoy it! We'll be back with another story very soon.


At The End of The Day

At the end of the day, when all jobs are done,
Having toiled hard, fought, and won.
You might find yourself out by the tree,
At that special time between darkness and sun.

Worn with adrenaline, slumped, will crash soon.
The feeling of wind, blows the hair, sings a tune.
Stars blur with firebugs, glitter and shine.
And something sparks inside, accomplishments bloom.

At the end of a day, by the tree, there is peace.
Time to settle, relax, tomorrow jobs increase.
The day contemplate, contrast night rejuvenate.
Close your eyes, rest, dream, let go, cease.