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Story Time: Houses High On A Hill.

StoriesRebecca Holland2 Comments

It's time for another story!

We do apologise for the break on this category. We have been honing our style and intention with the stories, and as a result we present for you today a very short and sweet story about the houses perched on the hill that represent the 'H' in my alphabet chart.



The highest ground in the Poetic Hills district is on Haze Street. Everyone in the streets below look up in jealousy at the houses on Haze Street, imagining their exceptionally glorious outlook over the entire district.

The residents of Haze Street are secretly jealous of everyone below. All they can see are clouds.

What do you think of this short & sweet style? I enjoy the little glimpses into the images, like a snapshot of the lives within - do you agree, or would you prefer to know more?

Let us know in the comments below.