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Story Time: Love Fish

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

We are a day late from the usual story time, but better late than never! I have another story written by Luke, this time inspired by this little illustration below. I hope you enjoy it!


In the year 2132, whales are plentiful, there are more fish you can poke a rod at; the reefs are alive with colour.

This wasn’t always the case. Around 2016, the world started realising that the oceans were being fished to extinction. The problem was a scary one because no one could see how to change it. A lot of people needed to fish for their jobs. Whole towns relied on the fishing industry to bolster their economy, and many nations needed the fish to survive.

What would happen to all those people, and the entire world when the oceans were empty? This was a very worrying question. The answer was one special girl living in Australia near Mackay. Her name was Elizabeth, and she had a gift, but only one that showed itself when she felt loved. She could channel love into a sort of healing power.

The world was lucky the day Elizabeth met Sam, a fisherman living at Airlie Beach in North Queensland. They hit it off immediately and were married a year after they met. But all was not well in the life of Elizabeth and Sam. Over the last six months Sam had noticed a lack of fish in the sea, and Elizabeth noticed a lack of joy in Sam. Sam asked Elizabeth if her power could help, but she had tried multiple times and she couldn’t heal the ocean and save the fish. Sam realised that the situation was so sad that Elizabeth felt heart broken and could not channel the love. So, he set about to change that.

A couple of months later, Sam approached Elizabeth and asked that she try one last time to help the ocean, for the sake of the world. Elizabeth despaired. How could she help when the problem was so big? That is when Sam presented her with a present.

He had carved for her a special boat out of an origami tree. “It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed. “Just like a large paper boat.” Elizabeth could feel Sam’s love for her in the detail of the carving.

“OK,” she said, “I’ll try again.”

They left at twilight and Elizabeth put her hand in the water and channeled Sam’s love into healing power for the ocean but again nothing happened. Then Sam had an idea. “Try something small in the ocean,” he said. “Just help some little prawns or krill?”

So she focused on a small amount of krill traveling past, and began to multiply their numbers. They became a large group of krill and then a humungous group of krill. And then .... whoosh, a whale ate them. It raced past and blew a stack of water out to say thank you. This inspired Elizabeth and she then felt the whales’ appreciation and love for her. This was enough that she could help the fish and then the reefs. The more she helped the more the ocean began to grow again and show love for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth told Sam he was not to fish anymore. Instead he was to help create an ocean sanctuary. It was to be a place for all sea dwelling animals to live in peace to help their numbers grow. A place they could all feel loved.