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Story Time: Lucy's Trip

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

It's time for another story... This one is written about a piece I finished a while ago, but as some of you may have seen, I started adding some extra detail recently and now consider it finally, finished. Luke took this picture and put an imaginitive (slightly dark) twist on it. We hope you like it!

Lucy tripped in a library. This can be exceptionally dangerous. If you fall into a book it can be almost impossible to get back. Unfortunately for Lucy, this was exactly what she did.

Luckily, Lucy fell into a very easy-to-read book with plenty of food, and not many threats to her person. She explored the entire book, and over the years customised it to suit her needs.

She entertains herself by folding paper water lilies and paper stars from spare pages at the back of the book. She has been a bit bored of late though, and is running out of spare pages. She is now looking for someone to play with, a 'book partner'.

If you are walking though the library and you are not looking where you are going, be careful. You may just trip, and land in Lucy’s easy-to-read book. It is a pleasant enough book, but Lucy is a bit manic nowadays, and it can be almost impossible to get back out.