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Story Time: Visiting Earth For a Day

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We are back with another Story Time this week. This week's story is inspired by the illustration I did for the letter 'M' for my up-coming Alphabet Chart.

Last month the moon visited me on Earth for a day...

Last month the moon visited me on Earth for a day...

Visiting Earth for a Day:

Last month the moon visited me on Earth for a day. He only had 12 hours, but I think he had fun. Before then, he had only met a few humans who walked on his face. He thought that was a bit rude, but I told him they didn’t really understand.

I took him to the places I like to go: The Movies, we watched A Trip to the Moon, where some people shot a giant bullet at the moon and walked on his face.

The Ice-cream shop, the ice-cream man laughed and though the Moon looked like a scoop of vanilla.

Finally, the barbers, where we watched all the fancy men through the window getting their beards trimmed and their mustaches tweaked.

The Moon said he had a great time and this had given him a few ideas. I wasn’t sure what he meant until he sent me a letter today with a photo.

“Dear Boy,” it read. “Thank you for showing me your favourite places. I did have problems with visiting space men and moon dust getting into my mouth, and I did not like looking like a ‘scoop of vanilla’ but I liked your human hair fashion. So, I have grown a mustache. What do you think? I tweak it occasionally and I will visit again later to go to the barber.

Enjoy my moon beams,


I like the Moon. I look up and every now and then I see the shadow of his moonstache.