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Sydney for kids

Rebecca HollandComment

We have been in Sydney the past week, having a small getaway, as well as a family reunion / 90th Birthday party / 60th wedding anniversary (phew!).

It was a really fun time. We have been down that way a fair bit due to family, but it has been a while since we've taken a bit of time out to explore and be tourists for a day. This time, James was a little bit older, and we thought he might appreciate the sites, so we set off for a day of exploring.

Sydney turned out to have more free fun for kids that I thought!

We started out at Kings Comics (OK, James is too young for this part, but Luke and I had fun), worked our way down to Circular Quay. We stopped off at Hyde Park, where James had fun chasing pigeons and admiring the fountain. We had a great time at Circular Quay taking in the people, the birds, the opera house, the bridge, the boats... then we walked around to The Rocks, which has always been a favorite area of mine. The Friday food markets happened to be on while we were there, so it was a great time to wander around. And I got to pop in to Buttons Buttons Buttons, which is one of the best shops in the world (fact).

James admiring the fountain at Hyde Park.

James admiring the fountain at Hyde Park.

The next afternoon, we visited Darling Harbour, which, unbeknownst to us, is actually home to the most amazing play ground I have ever seen! It was an absolute dream for James, with slides, sand, water - lots of water! with pumps, lochs, rocks, fountains... flying foxes, swings, etc etc etc! And it was all right in front of an amazing array of restaurants, cafes and bars. Unfortunately too much fun resulted in no photos, but check it out here, and if you're in Sydney with kids, I suggest you get yourself there.

As well as this, Darling Harbour is also hosting a winter wonderland at the moment, with ice skating, a giant inflatable slide, and general winter fun, with warm food and drinks. We didn't really get to this area (it honestly paled in comparison to the play ground for us, but if you have older kids, they may prefer this part) but it did mean lots of lights, snow and visual wonder once night time came, which again, James loved. He came away with a light saber, which was probably his trip highlight (kids!).

Light saber, leading the way through the winter wonderland...

Light saber, leading the way through the winter wonderland...