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The Alphabet Chart - A Story Sampler

StoriesRebecca HollandComment

My Alphabet Chart is now available in my shop, however the stories are still in progress.

I'm happy to announce we are in development to include the story book with every purchase of the Alphabet Poster / runner (also coming soon). So if you order the poster before the book is released, I will send you the book when it's ready.

In the meantime, I have a little sample of a few of the stories we have. The stories are intended to be a fun addition to the chart, something to start the conversation around what each letter means and what details are in each illustration.

I'll be letting everyone know when the book is ready, as well as the runner.


Astronaut Adventurer Arnold Ace,
Flew to an Apple in outer space.
He attached his ‘A’ flag nice and firmly,
Leave soon Arnold Ace, before you meet wormy.

Douglas daydreamed of dangerous dinosaurs,
They dance defiantly in large clouds outdoors.
Dad says they descend to make rain,
But when dusk comes they disappear again

A helicopter is needed to get to Hilltop Avenue.
Lower households envy the high mountain view.
They need not, at the height of the hill highways,
The Hill-top houses can only see cloudy haze.

Every summer jellyfish journey to the jetty.
The Johnson boys lie in the sun getting sweaty.
They point, joke and look down their chin.   
The jellyfish jostle, and wait for one to jump in.

Kids fly kites on a breath-taking days.
Kangaroo hops, the key turns and the koi plays.
Knots have to be avoided,
Space needs to be appointed,
But kind-hearted fun is enjoyed always.